About the Artist

From the time I was sketching my first pictures as a young boy, I have drawn and painted seemingly without any thought about how or why. Much like when I learned to walk; once I got the hang of it, I've just kept walking. Calling myself an artist, on the other hand, has been another thing entirely. I have admired many artists throughout the years - too many to list - and for a variety of reasons. Artists that can render a convincing and compelling image with a few, perfectly placed brush strokes and well-chosen colors can be quite inspiring. So too is the ability of some to delve so deeply into the fine details of a scene that from it emerges a painting that offers so much more than any photograph could. For me, the development of skills and techniques that we learn from other artists, often by imitation, is important, but alone do not define one as an artist. For many years, I considered myself more of a craftsman or an artisan; that is, someone that has acquired the essential skills for producing a painting or drawing. I could not yet call myself an artist without understanding why I paint. Being an artist then is having an inspired reason to create a work of art. For many years, I was hung up trying to find the proper inspiration somehow deceived that it was much more complicated than it actually is. I've always believed that to qualify, a work of art must offer something new and original. I still do, but that offering does not need to be a comprehensive thesis or deep social commentary. It can also be as simple as an expression of love or beauty. Art is a form of communication that is expressed in unlimited ways and, depending on the message, could take the form of a poem, a musical piece, or a painting. Having found my voice, figuratively speaking, I am enjoying my role as an artist.

How I got here, is itself another story. I am for the most part a self-taught artist although I have taken a handful of art classes over the years and had the encouragement of friends and family. My cousin is a properly trained (MFA) and talented fine artist who was a source of inspiration in my early years and someone with whom I often explored the true meaning of art. Despite, my love for art from an early age, I have had other interests that took my education and career in a different direction. I earned a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and spend another large part of my life working as a scientist. Though it may seem unrelated, I do consider the practice of science to be a very creative endeavor.

Exhibits and Shows

2014 "Small Works Show", Artworks Downtown, San Rafael, CA

2014 "Fresh Art Show", Marin Society of Artists, Ross, CA

2014 Marin County Fair, Marin County Fairgrounds, San Rafael, CA

2014 "Cityscapes Competition", Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery

2013 "Fresh Art Show", Marin Society of Artists, Ross, CA

2013 Marin County Fair, Marin County Fairgrounds, San Rafael, CA

2012 "National Fall Exhibition", Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Novato, CA

2012 Marin County Fair, Marin County Fairgrounds, San Rafael, CA

2012 Marin County Fair, Marin County Fairgrounds, San Rafael, CA

2011 "Go Figure", Marin Arts Council, San Rafael, CA

Art work has been selected for the cover of KFOG's "Live from the Archives 10th Anniversary" music CD, for an insert of "NYC Subway: Songs from the Underground" music CD, and the cover for the Journal of Neuroscience. Several logos and illustrations have also been selected or commissioned.

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